George Ivan Rosenthal founded TFG in 1924. He started out in clothing retail in America, but showed interest in other markets when the boom days in America ended. His research showed that, while South Africa was very much an underdeveloped country, it had a traditional fondness for American goods and know-how, and so he set sail for South Africa with little money, a lot of confidence and a grand plan. When naming his company, he decided on an old Italian name, Foschini.

He found that Johannesburg was one of the best shopping areas and started leasing premises. On 27 November 1925, the first Foschini store opened on Pritchard Street, Johannesburg and more stores across South Africa soon followed. For the first time, South African women had access to fashion garments – garments that were affordable, well made, up to date and accessible to a wider public.

Foschini had arrived.

He continued to expand the business and within two years after opening, Foschini had nine branches across South Africa. In 1941, George registered Foschini Dresses (Pty) Ltd on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, the first clothing retailer to do so.

Since then, the Group has continued to grow. Today, it consists of 22 brands in over 3 300 outlets in 34 countries selling a broad range of merchandise categories to customers both in store and online.