• 206 outlets opened in TFG Africa and 689 new jobs created
  • 125 outlets opened in TFG International resulting in 131 new jobs created
  • Youth Opportunity team established in TFG Africa facilitating valuable work experience for the unemployed youth
    • 40 vacation work experiences
    • 9 external bursaries granted
    • 11 internal bursaries granted
    • 148 internship opportunities
    • 446 learnership opportunities
  • The TFG Retail Academy was launched and 394 customer-facing employees participated. The Academy includes a number of skills programmes funded by the SETA and many of these programmes lead to a qualification.
  • The TFG Employee Value Proposition (EVP) was launched during the financial year, and OPPORTUNITY was identified as our unique brand proposition. Multiple career paths are offered at TFG through robust succession planning.
  • Continued low labour turnover at senior management and executive levels is indicative of the Group’s strong EVP.
  • The introduction of a new talent acquisition model for TFG Africa reduces time to hire and direct recruitment costs.

Overview of performance

The Group’s vision of being the leading fashion lifestyle retailer in Africa whilst growing our international footprint can only be achieved through our talented and engaged people who are guided by our values, social conscience and customer-centric mindset. To enable our employees to fulfil their duties, TFG Human Resources has provided the following support during the past financial year:

  • Continued investment in our people is essential for competitive advantage. Through our development and leadership programmes, we equip our people with key skills and tools to ensure successful careers.
  • We continue to prioritise talent management activities. This includes biannual talent reviews, as well as ensuring a readily available pipeline of talent through our Youth Opportunity team for all key and critical skills.
  • Our high-performing teams are evaluated through a robust performance management system. Over the last year, we have introduced additional criteria, and a different format for feedback that is linked to our Group’s business strategy (refer to our Remuneration Committee report for further information in this regard).
  • We promote health, safety and well-being in all our work environments and the wellness strategy focuses on physical, emotional and financial needs.
  • South African operations are supported by three clinics and three satellite clinics, as well as a wellness helpline managed by social workers who give support and advice.
  • Additional benefits have been introduced for longer-serving flexitime workers in line with legislative requirements.
  • In partnership with Old Mutual, Incon and Discovery, our South African head office and distribution centre employees are able to participate in focused wellness days. Our store-based employees are able to participate in wellness days organised in a number of shopping centres through collaboration with Retailers Unite.
  • TFG International offers Bupa health checks to their head office team as well as occupational health visits and wellness programmes.
  • HIV/AIDS management programmes provide free counselling, testing, treatment and support, and promote
    non-discriminatory practices for all employees in South Africa.
  • Benefits for TFG International:
    • TFG is committed to ensure that all employees enjoy benefits in their home countries. At minimum, benefits are as required by legislation, but we focus on going beyond this to be the employer of choice in all territories in which we are active. Being an employer of choice is a divisional objective TFG Human Resources aspires to in order to achieve the Group strategic objective of Leadership.
  • Employee relations:
    • Our values and code of ethics guide how we do business. We are committed to a workplace that is free from discrimination and we ensure fair and ethical practices for all our employees.
    • We strive to comply with all relevant labour laws in all territories where we trade.
    • In TFG Africa, we engage with a number of unions and we have collective bargaining with four unions across the countries.
    • No time was lost due to industrial action for the reporting period.

Risk and opportunities

  • Attraction and retention of key skills are addressed through:
    • Talent search strategy
    • New recruitment system to be implemented
    • Establishment of Youth Opportunity team that pipelines good talent for future vacancies
    • Continued focus on skills development through the retail and merchant academies
    • Excellent diverse career opportunities
  • High crime levels in African operations resulting in trauma, particularly in our customer-facing environment, are addressed through:
    • Employee helpline offering counselling and trauma debriefing
    • Training for line managers and HR practitioners
  • Employee engagement:
    • Supaloud employee engagement surveys, applicable to employees in TFG Africa, have traditionally been conducted every alternate year since 2010 to measure how engaged our employees feel at TFG.
      • Research has shown that employee engagement feedback should be elicited more regularly, preferably in an “always on” way, because positive employee engagement (especially in our customer-facing environments of retail outlets and financial services call centres) has a direct positive impact on customer satisfaction and on increasing sales turnover.
      • In 2016, a “Voice of Customer” (VoC) platform was introduced across the majority of TFG retail brands in order to constantly measure customer satisfaction. It was agreed that a “Voice of Employee” (VoE) platform will be implemented in July 2017 so that more regular employee engagement feedback is available.